WHAT..... IS....... PALM + PINE ?


PALM + PINE is an art-driven plant shop + creative space founded by Meghan McIver and Lindsay Riley. 

We are space-makers, vibe setters, plant hustlers, and champions of joy. We use plants as our primary medium to design rooms and healing spaces that challenge the traditional barriers of inside and outside. We work to capture the sensory elements of the outdoors and reimagine them indoors with a fun, emotive, and nuanced approach. 

We've had a lot of hilarious descriptors thrown around over the years....... "Plant Disco".. "Time Machine".. "Healing Vibe Vortex".. "Millennial Tractor Supply".. "An Immersive Experience"... hahaha.......

In all honesty though, Palm and Pine is a Plant and Home Goods shop that carries plants, plant accessories, and magical home goods to help you "Make Your Space Alive". We offer many plant related design and maintenance services and we love what we do! Our carefully curated shop is always changing - we update the "theme" of the shop every season and as most of our inventory is living greenery, the shop vibe and layout can change day-to-day to keep a proper feng shui flow! We work hard to create a healing, inclusive, safe space that is as inspiring and beautiful as it is fun :)

Why did we call it "Palm and Pine", you ask? In short, we both grew up in coastal towns and spent most of our lives at the beach ("palm trees") but now we find ourselves living in a small mountain town ("pine trees") ...Palm Trees and Pine Trees! 

We founded our small business in 2019, and after a year of hustling plants at pop-ups and craft fairs in and around Asheville, NC, our dream came true when we finally opened our very own storefront on January 31st, 2020.

Yes... 2020!
You read that right! Our doors were open all of 6 weeks when we were forced to flip the script and make many quick and difficult choices. We turned our attention to making contactless plant deliveries to anyone in the Asheville area, and quickly figured out how to ship plants nationally. The great quarantine plant boom of 2020 was truly a blessing in disguise for us as we got to share our love for plants with so many people while getting to hear so many stories about how plants brought such joy and hope in such dark times.

Today we are a fully operating storefront open to the public, offering many different kinds of plant and design services to our thriving community. We enjoy hosting fun, safe and inclusive community events, gatherings, and parties as we truly believe in the power of cultivating joy, together.


It doesn't take much to add intent.

It doesn't take much to change a vibe.

It doesn't take much to



Palm + Pine is based in Asheville, NC.




We make all our own playlists and love to share them with y'all! Below are a few of our favorites, but we have over 30 Spotify playlists curated to bring the good vibes. Follow us on Spotify - PALM + PINE

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