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Palm and Pine


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Cactus Plant Doctor Care Guide:

Cactus prefer bright light and can handle a lot of direct sunlight. Western or Southern facing exposures are best. 

Make sure to plant in a pot with adequate drainage and use a sandy cactus/succulent soil mix.

Provide adequate moisture in the warmer months, but allow to dry out and go dormant in the colder months. General rule of thumb: water every 7-10 days in the Summer and once every 6-8 weeks in the Winter.

When watering a Cactus, flood the planter with a solid amount of water and allow to drain out of the base of the plant. They prefer to dry out and then be flooded with water rather than receive little bits of water more frequently.

Cactus are slow growing and have relatively shallow roots. They like to stay fairly compact so frequent repotting isn't necessary.