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Palm and Pine


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Plant Doctor Care Guide:

Zygo or Zygocactus aka "Christmas Cactus" “Easter Cactus” or "Thanksgiving Cactus" is a beautiful blooming tropical succulent. Despite the name, it is not a true cactus. 

They are not drought-tolerant as some might expect - they need frequent and thorough watering. During the active growing season in the warmer months, make sure to water weekly to keep the soil evenly moist. During the winter you can withhold water to about once every 7-10 days, but never allow the soil to completely dry out!

They will grow best and produce bright, gorgeous blooms with ample warmth, humidity, and bright, indirect light. They love bright light but can get sunburnt if left in harsh, direct sunlight for long periods of time.

They can tolerate moderate to lower light conditions but are less likely to produce blooms or grow much.