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Palm and Pine


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Plant Doctor String of Pearls Plant Care Guide:

Curio Rowleyanus (formerly Senecio Rowleyanus) aka "String of Pearls" is a vining succulent that needs lots of bright light and will grow quickly in high-light conditions. They love bright light but can get sunburnt if sitting in harsh, direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Allow String of Pearls to dry out in-between waterings. They hold water in their pearls and don't need very much water. Pot in a well draining planter to reduce the risk of standing water and overwatering. Water about once every 2-3 weeks by flooding the pot with ample water and allowing it to drain out. Make sure to plant in a pot with adequate drainage and proper succulent/cactus soil mix.

Their roots are shallow and like to stay fairly compact. They do not need to be repotted frequently.