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Palm and Pine


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Plant Doctor Monstera Adansonii Plant Care Guide:

Monstera Adansonii aka "Swiss Cheese Plant" is a vining plant that can be trained to trail downward or outward with long hanging vines or climb up a pole or trellis. They will do best with bright, indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid leaf burn. These are fast growers and will vine quickly if given the right conditions.

Adansonii like to stay evenly moist but not soggy. Water about once a week and do not allow to dry out completely.

These plants are prone to chlorosis - their leaves can turn yellow if there is too much chlorine in your tap water. Distilled or filtered water is highly recommended. or you can remove chlorine from water by filling a pitcher of water and leaving out overnight to allow the chlorine to fully evaporate.